Moving on through happiness!

Voyager sans bouger!

Voyager sans bouger!


Hey there!

Since the first post, I confess that I have been thinking about the next one and what it should look like, or cause as a natural reaction which results from any action taken ( I mean: ANY action). Ellaborating a tiny bit, even a deep breath you take happens to contribute to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, right? 🙂

Anyways, I recall having mentioned about the next days, where and what I would be doing. Two main possibilities included opening a cafe or finding a job in a major city. Well, here I am, in Fortaleza-CE and, believe me, despite all the impacts (bad and good) naturally experienced, I am can say that I am happy with the latest choices. These include finding the right place to live, the job, where to buy the new stuffs and what to do on a holiday (today!).

The professional challenge consists of a startup company focused on distributing organic fruits and vegetables to local supermarket, but expanding to other major cities and increasing the product portfolio are two moves that my mind can’t get rid of! The role played has to do with structuring the whole concept, bringing it to life, with the “right people on the bus” and turning  this into a noble cause which is worth working for to anyone involved directly or indirectly. The nature of the business is something I am passionate about and it actually goes all the way from developing and converting non-organic growers into organic certified “businessmen” and distributing their produce amongst our channels…

This is sustainability, I think! Want to see a defintion of sustainability? Well, leaving the places better than you found them, including people!

I never thought that this would be as challenging as it is today, but, again, this is something I kind of wake up for everyday and feel happy at the end of each day/step.

Fortaleza is definitely a showcase of the social unbalance seen especially in under-develoed countries. The area I live in today is considered as a noble one and I feel surrounded by rich people. I keep thinking about how fun it is moving through these social classes and witnessing people’s behavior. Getting to know about my background will make you understand what I mean by that! 🙂

Being a noble area, there are so many expensive restaurants, stores, buildings, cars and sometimes I feel like I am a fish out of the water, but this is just an impression (or not).  Chances are that these people are either rich since they were born (heritages) and they just keep their businesses on, they have benefitted from several breaches in law (if you know what I mean ;-)) and someone (or themselves) must have worked really, really hard to build such wealth status. So I am just one more human being passing by and chasing my wishes, working on making my dreams come true (and enjoying every bit of it, of course)! I guess this is pretty how it works all around the globe!

Now, what I am figuring out is that this doesn’t really mean that they are wealth and that is the solution to know what happiness is about! Again, my background backs up my comment here! The thing is that the classes do not mingle! Not knowing what the other class’s needs are, no mutual help is possible and social balance keeps on consisting of a cliche/dream! Maybe by the time the human being evolves to such point, the needs will be different and it’ll probably be too late. Anyway, who am I to try to define it or solve it? I just keep including related efforts in my daily to-dos (intrinsectly)…

Here is something I felt like sharing since the day before yesterday:


There are some many people in similar situation around the globe, but he is definitely a great example of how to minimize your externalities, keeping yourself happy ’till the end. It heals any soul and should be seen as a reference, I think!

This is a bit about nowadays. Just thought I’d share a bit of what life looks like today in the city of sun (from one of the perspectives)!

By the way, I live about a 4 min. walk from the beach. Look it up on the net (Fortaleza, Beira Mar).

Next days, my steps!

Hi there!

Jeri, Sunset, Sand Dune

Jeri, Sunset, Sand Dune

This is my first post here as a blogger and, therefore, lots of mistakes will be made! I don’t think they may compromise the whole idea, so let’s make the most of them, by turning them into learnings, laughs, positive stuffs!

After 10 years and 06 months living an awesome reality, where life seemed to be quite promising (professional wise), the decision to turn everything upside down has come! Making it happen has been the most difficult step, but I could say that it is now done! I am technically unemployed and, believe me, amongst the mixture of feelings (some positive, some negative) the one so-called Happiness is so present! So, I have decided to register, what the next stages of my life will look like and let’s see where this trip will bring me to.

Right now, I am just putting thoughts in order and doing my best to organize the ideas of what I want to do for myself. This goes all the way about learning another language to taking over a site as the CEO, to opening my own business! This may sound too much, but right now I don’t feel like giving up on any of them! These have been turning my days so exciting, so I am decided to just go for it!

What to expect from this blog?

Learnings from mistakes, ideas of why we are here (So deep, huh?), happiness pictured from this perspective,  thoughts on sustanibility, ideas to make this giant, messy, little planet a better place to live and whatever the future brings us.